About Us


EMTEC established as a consulting company that mainly focused on hazardous material assessment for residential and commercial buildings. With the dedication of our consulting team and their consistent growth, the company has now grown to a dynamic firm which delivers a variety of services to our clients across BC in Canada. Our Services, including but not limited to, Confined Space Hazard Assessment, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Asbestos Abatement Training, Health & Safety Audit, Inspection, Training and Environmental Site Investigation. Over the years, the consulting team has also earned the company a reputable role in helping businesses and public to resolve any environmental and occupational health and safety issues.

Our clients range from home owners, construction companies, business owners, education institutions, universities, financial institutions to government agencies.

Our goal is to provide genuine services that exceed clients’ expectation and to resolve all complex challenges for them.

Also, as a Canadian Red Cross training partner, we promote workplace safety and prevent any daily life’s emergencies.

Our mission statement says it all, “Have workplace safety concerns? Environmental Issues? WCB orders? We can help!!!”



Asbestos Abatement Training

This course is meant as an educational presentation and an introduction to Asbestos and other Hazardous Materials and how applicable BC regulations govern how asbestos building products are handled in the province. There is only a classroom component to this half day presentation. It is ideal for managers, employers, contractors and other stakeholders that are responsible for or work around projects where asbestos is present but not directly handling the removal or working in containments.

Lead Abatement Training

This course provides a framework for lead abatement, risk assessment, and inspections. Those performing these services are required to be trained and certified by EPA or an authorized State. Training providers must be accredited and teach approved curricula. States may, upon approval, receive authorization to carry out their own program in lieu of the federal program.

Mold Abatement Training

This course will provide information to help you address the mold remediation issues you may come across in your mold abatement career. When mold remediation licensing is not required mold certification can be a requirement to perform remediation projects for banking, property management and insurance industries.

Confined Space Entry

This course explains measures used to control hazards in confined spaces. It is written for employers, owners, managers, supervisors, and joint committees in workplaces where there are confined spaces. It can be used as a reference to develop your confined space entry program and to assist you with meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Fall Protection

This course layout a fall protection plan that will keep your workforce safe and injury claims low. Fall hazards can be very dangerous. Which is why we conduct a full safety audit at your facility and the development of effective, customized solution to the work conducted at height. Our solutions are a 360 implementation, from providing you with the right equipment to the training you need to get your people ready for your job site.

Respiratory Protection Training

This course is intended to highlight major steps involved in setting up a respiratory protection program and identify additional resources. Employers who decide to use respiratory protection to help lower worker exposures to hazardous airborne contaminants must follow all requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA).